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The society in India has had a reverential attitude towards doctors and this respect is born out of the competence of the medical fraternity and the belief that doctors advice comes from a pure, objective concern for the well being of the patient. 

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Nursing is a noble profession in which the practitioner applies knowledge and skill in provision of preventive , promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services to the individuals, families and communities, As well as the nursing is an exciting and challenging professions in the health care.

  • Founder and chairman of Balaji Educational Trust
  • Chairman for Balaji groups
  • Managing Director of Devlok Hospital
  • Managing director of Daffodil IVF clinic
  • Chairman of Balaji Health Care

North East institute of Nursing science believes in promoting and enhancing the level of education in nursing and the professionals are armed with the latest knowledge, necessary skill and humanistic attitude. 

Nursing is a noble profession which makes the professionals to be responsible, simple and efficient. North east institute of nursing science are fruitful in developing   efficient nurses with adequate knowledge base and clinical expertise.

We proudly announce that prepare nurses with a sound educational programme in nursing to enable them to function as efficient members of the health team, beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of health care settings.    North east institute of nursing science focuses on aiding nurses in their personal and professional development so that they are able to make maximum contributions to the society as useful and productive individuals, citizens as well as effective nurses.

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A teaching and learning methodology which fosters exposure of medical students to patients (actual human contact) as early as the first year of medical college, in a social or clinical context that enhances learning of health, illness or disease, and the role of the health professional.

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As doctors, as researchers, you are the guardian angels for so many people. For those you meet and get to know, but maybe [for] some you will never meet or some [who] will not remember you. That doesn’t matter because you are their angels.

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Students heading off to college will learn how to create study plans, develop advanced study skills, and learn superior time management skills. There are numerous benefits of tutoring in college, including reinforcement of existing knowledge and gaining a better understanding of a field of study.

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One goes through school, college, medical school and one’s internship learning little or nothing about goodness but a good deal about success.